Poate pipita alot cauzeaza pierderea in greutate

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She smiles but he knows that she is trying to measure with other eyes the impression he needs to make. They emerge through security turnstiles where they slot the plastic cards given them when the guard at the poate pipita alot cauzeaza pierderea in greutate verified the registration number; are guided by another uniformed man to sign her name serves for bothtime of arrival and other particulars of identification in a gold-tooled leather-bound book; are taken over by a young woman programmed to preface with And how are you today her instruction of which elevator goes up to the 17th floor.

poate pipita alot cauzeaza pierderea in greutate

His sparse pointed beard, quaintly worn as seen on engravings of ancient tribal kings, is matched in distinction by the fresh white carnation in his lapel. The Pickup — Nadine Gordimer B. The text above makes frequent use of the passive voice. The passive voice forms are in bold while the forms which are underlined are the by-agents. What do the forms in bold have in common? What do the underlined forms convey? The tenses that are used in the constructions in bold are mainly present.

Try to change the passive forms greutatea pierde în greutate active ones and see what other changes occur.

Can you identify the difference in meaning, between the active forms and their passive counterparts? Main properties The passive is characterized by the following changes: a It is made up of the auxiliaries be and get and the past participle, or the third form of the verb.

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  • Они прошли вдоль нее на довольно значительное расстояние, и трещина эта все время расширялась, пока, наконец, она не стала настолько широка, что-уже нельзя было стать, поставив ноги на ее края.

The get-passive is discussed in further detail in Section 6 where we will see whether get is actually an auxiliary displaying the same properties as auxiliary be. Thus, the Subject of the active voice sentence, which in these cases is generally the Agent performing the action denoted by the verb, becomes the by-Agent of the newly formed passive construction. John will invite Susan to the party.

Susan will be invited to the party by John. The white carnation matches his beard in distinction. His beard is matched in distinction by the white carnation.

We can choose to mention the person s attacked, i. This is done by using the passive construction, in which the Patient noun, here Susan and Jane, is the subject. Susan și Jane au fost atacate ieri. If we want to make sure that our addressee gets all the details, we mention the Agent and the Patient, and we have a choice of construction, as in 4.

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Susan and Jane were attacked by those thugs. Susan și Jane au fost atacate de acei golani. Those thugs attacked Susan and Jane yesterday. Acei golani le-au atacat ieri pe Susan și pe Jane. Consider the passive in 3. This is the main use of the passive both in speech and in writing: to mention only the Patient and to omit the Agent.

From passives such as 3listeners can infer an Agent, and adverbs can poate pipita alot cauzeaza pierderea in greutate inserted, such as deliberately in 5which bring the Agent very close without actually mentioning who played that role. The vase was smashed deliberately.

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However, even in the long passive, the Agent noun is in an optional prepositional phrase by those thugs and is presented as peripheral.

These forms, which are based on a similar form, are quite dissimilar in meaning because unlike the auxiliary have, the auxiliary be can no longer take an Agent doer of the action as its grammatical subject.

In the passive it is either no longer important to express who the Agent - the doer of the action - is, or the speaker does not want the Agent to be known. The subject of the original active verb can be recovered in the passive sentence as a prepositional phrase headed by the preposition BY or it can be implicit which is to say it can be unexpressed.

poate pipita alot cauzeaza pierderea in greutate

The vase was smashed deliberately by John. What changes does the use of the passive expressed by passive morphology trigger?

poate pipita alot cauzeaza pierderea in greutate

The Agent of a passive does no longer appear as the subject; it appears either as a by- object by John or it is somehow implicit it can be inferred from the context. When the verb undergoes passivization, it can no longer assign accusative case to the object that immediately follows it, this is why the former subject in the active voice sentence needs a preposition to give it accusative case.

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Mary a fost invitată John. When can it be omitted? Mi s-a furat portofelul. Bicicletele ar trebui folosite pe scară largă în oraș în locul transportului public. If the agent is obvious or has already been mentioned, it is not mentioned.

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Firma a fost de acord cu cererea noastră și astfel s-a deschis o nouă parcare. If the agent is not important to the meaning of the sentence it is not mentioned. Am fost sfătuit să obțin viza dinainte.